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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  April 4, 2016 3:30am-3:59am EDT

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york city, i'm jeff glor. welcome to the overnight news. i'm jeff glor. north dakota has 28 delegates. every one could make a difference in this campaign 2016. republican party officials gathered at a hockey arena in fargo over the weekend to pick delegates.
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donald trump and john kasich campaigned in wisconsin which holds its primary tomorrow. cbs battleground tracker shows tight race in wisconsin for both parties. for the democrats -- bernie sanders has a two point lead over hillary clinton. 49% to 47%. for republicans cruz out front with 43%. trump at 37%. kasich at 18%. trump discussed the state of his campaign with john dickerson for "face the nation." >> a lot of commentary this has been the worst week in your campaign. a lot of people want to stop you. are they succeeding? >> i don't know it's been the worst week in my campaign. i hae had many bad weeks and many good weeks. i don't see this as the worst week mine campaign. certainly i have been some week, reporting on it, that was the end. and the next week, you see poll numbers where they went up. everybody is shocked. yeah, people want to stop me because i am leading by a lot. >> you had a week where abortion
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side of the abortion issue didn't know what your position was. your campaign -- >> i was asked, as a hypothetical question. he said if abortion is illegal. the bottom line is, it is the doctor's fault. but that was asked as a hypothetical. >> i want to get become to that in a minute. your campaign manager is charged this week. not a good week. >> do i love it, no? am i going to ruin a man's life by firing him when i look at a tape that i supplied. the tape from one of my facilities. we have cameras for security. i do a good job with security. we have cameras. i looked. and i said, what, what did he do? i mean, do you destroy a man's life? you look at her. you look at her initial statement. she grabbed my arm, obviously. everybody sees that. she grabs my arm. then when you look at her initial statement it was that she was almost thrown down to the ground. and -- by the way if she were actually thrown down to the ground, and all of those things happen.
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instantaneously. >> what would you do to further restrict women's access to abortion as president. >> look, look, i know where you are going i just want to say a question was asked to me and it was asked in a very hypothetical. it was said illegal. illegal. i have been told by some people that was a older line answer. and that was an answer that was given on basis of an older line from years ago, very, on ape very conservative basis. >> your original answer? >> punishing a woman. >> i was asked hypothetically. hypothetically. hypothetically. the laws are set now on abortion. and, that's the way they're going to remain until they're changed. >> you said you wanted. told bloomberg in january, you believe abortion should be banned at some point in pregnancy. where would you see the ban. >> i would have liked to see this be a state's right. i would have preferred state's rights.
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if it were up to the states. but, right now, the laws are set. that's the way the laws are. >>-up have a feeling how they should change. lot of laws you want to change. everything from libel to torture. anything you want to change at this moment. >> at this moment the laws are set. >> do you think it is murder, abortion? >> i have my opinions on it. i would rather not comment on it. >> you said you are pro-life. abortion is murder. >> i do have my opinions on it. i don't think it's appropriate. >> you don't agree with the proposition it is murder. >> i don't disagree with it.
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abortion question, you explained hypothetical nature of it and your answer on the spread of nuclear weapons you. said against proliferation. then you said you seem to be okay with south korea or japan getting one. >> it is misquoted. >> people are confused. >> they shouldn't be. all they have to do is watch the i spoke to anderson cooper, chris, i spoke to all of them. i spoke to "the new york times." thought it was a good piece. nuclear is a horror show. i would be probably the last to think of using it. people said you promised never, ever to use it. you can't do a thing like that. you have to have cards on the table. nuclear is a horror show. just like i said i don't want to go into iraq. i said that a long time ago. i wasn't the war hawk. there were a lot of people. nuclear is a disaster. with that being said we are taking care. if you look into nato as an example. we are funding and taking care, disproportionately the cost of many countries. many, many countries that are taking us for a ride. we have to do something with nato. when it comes to nuclear, you are going to have to ask yourself, at what point, and at what cost do we continue to protect japan and germany and
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now, they're not paying for this protection. in anywhere near what it is costing us. we owe $19 trillion. at what point do they get involved? and they say, we have to pay more money for this kind of protection. at some point they may have to protect themselves. do i like that? not particularly. we owe $19 million. going to $21 billion. we cannot continue to do this. >> when people looked at your answer, on proliferation. they got the sense you were wing it on foreign policy. on policy, use. have you been studying?
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i have. >> met with your foreign policy team in your hotel in washington. >> yes. >> what did you ask them? >> more than anything else, i discussed nuclear. to me the single biggest problem that this world has, and we'll knock out isis fast and do a lot of things. but of the single biggest problem that the world has is nuclear. >> meeting in washington. republican national committee. did they treat you fairly? are they treating you fairly? >> rather let you know in about six months from now. i don't know. >> you said they haven't been treating you. >> i think, he is a very good person. i get along. i will have to tell you i think what is unfair, i won the state of louisiana. i won. i made speeches. i had that last evening in a hangar, thousand of people. it was incredible. and a big airplane hangar, boeing hangar. i said this is unbelievable. i wasn't expected to win louisiana. i won louisiana. i within a lot of states. i think 22 states. and i won louisiana. and i got less delegates than the guy who lost. >> isn't that proof that the people who took the delegates are beating you at the game. >> no, no. >> wouldn't donald trump do that. wouldn't play every angle to win? >> when i win the state, i'm not supposed to get less delegates than somebody that got beat. >> as a businessman you play
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within the law. >> it is not america. you go in, you win, get less delegates. i just won missouri. there was a whole thing going on something. when i go in and win the state delegates. that's not the way the system is supposed to work. >> unfair or illegal? >> i think it could be illegal 's my question. >> give me a break. he campaigned. i campaigned. i got the votes. >> you can see the full our web site. the "cbs overnight news" will be i'll use a lot of detergent. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas,
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it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. while hillary clinton and bernie sanders compete in wisconsin both are focused on the new york primary in two weeks. the latest cbs battleground tracker poll shows clinton holds a 12 point lead over sanders. sanders accused clinton of taking campaign contributions from oil and gas industry. he discussed this on "cbs this morning." >> let's talk about the
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she says your campaign is lying about her? >> well, guess what according to a green peace study they look at campaign finance reports, hillary clinton received $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry. she has received individual contributions from over 50 lobbyists of the oil and gas industry. we are not, yeah, yeah. >> clinton 2016 campaign has not accepted any direct contributions from any corporation, oil and gas companies included. >> no, that's not true. i just read you is what is the fact. $4.5 million including money from 50 lobbyists from the fossil fuel industry. >> there is one source says she has taken those from corporations. and another source says she hasn't. >> there is a difference if you are a lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry. there are 50 and you make a contribution. that to me is a contribution
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that's different than saying you get it from exxon mobile. but to deny she received substantial. >> from individuals what you are saying? >> lobbyists of the industry. if people receive money from lobbyists of the industry i think you are receiving money from the industry. these are not just a little worker there. these are lobbyist whose represent the oil and gas industry. >> when you look at this -- do you feel that -- that she is now -- beginning to feel the pressure of your campaign? >> well, charlie we have won six of the seven caucuses in every instance. we have won by landslide victories. we are fighting hard in wisconsin. i think we have got a shot to win here in new york state. when virtually every poll shows the us we are beating trump i think, last cnn poll had us up
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far more than she was leading trump. i think more and more democrats are looking at bernie sanders. as the the -- the candidate who can best defeat trump or some other republican candidates. >> you have to get past hillary clinton. when you look at numbers math -- mathematically. the caucus win. we have primary states coming up she does very, very well. what is it you know, senator sanders that we don't know and your path to victory. >> we have a lot of momentum. we had over 18,000 people out. working hard in wisconsin. if there is a large voter turnout there, i think we got a shot to win that. and i think what should be understood, that a lot of the
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south, that is as you know the most conservative part of america. we did not do well. we are moving elsewhere. to the west. to new york. we think we have a real shot to win. >> the polls show you ahead in wisconsin. but you seem to be nervous about that. you seem to be pulling back from expectation. >> is that your nervous face. look at the smile. >> look. i don't like to speculate. what will be will be. all i can tell you is we are working very, very hard. and i think we -- >> you told me you would win in new york. you told me this morning you can win in new york. you have not said. >> this is what i think -- when voter turnout is high. when working people, middle-class people come out and are prepared to stand up and take on the 1% support our agenda. then we win. if the voter turnout is low. in wisconsin, new york state, you know what. we are likely will not win. i think what we are seeing now is people all over this country. sick and tired of the status quo. they're working longer hours for low wages. almost all of the low income and wealth is going to the top 1%. they're upset about a corrupt campaign finance. >> you think they're voting for you or voting against hillary clinton. >> they're voting for our agenda. interesting, not widely reported. republican, democrat, progressionive, conservative. people are disgusted with
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trying to buy elections. >> senator we have seen with the republican party this week, idea of party loyalty. we will get behind who ever is the nominee is gone. in your case, i know, clinton's campaign so far is saying you will be done by end of the month. we will move forward. you don't feel that way. come the end. no matter. >> she said, we'll be done by end of the month. april 26th. a changing point. in the end no matter nominee or not, if it is hillary clinton, will you get behind the clinton campaign and have your supporters behind her as well because the republican party is so divided right now? >> i obviously can't speak for millions of supporters individual people. >> you can encourage them. >> what i can tell you is i think would be an absolute disaster for this country if we had a donald trump as president of the united states.
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to prevent that. >> does that mean supporting hillary clinton. >> i am sure when hillary clinton announces she'll be supporting me and go forward together. >> your campaign is fascinating to a lot of people. seen democratic household divided. husband wants you. wife wants her. kids want you. parents want. one 20-something said what i like bout him. he is like my grandpa. he gets me. he cares. he is smart. is it a compliment to be compared to grandpa who gets them? >> it is a compliment if they think i am smart, that's for sure. i will tell you something i have been amazed around the country, the idealism and love in the eyes of kids who want to make this country a better place to live. not just the young people. we are winning the votes. people 45 years of age and younger as well. >> senator sanders, great to have you here. >> new york this past week, followed california in approving a minimum wage of $15 an hour. don dahler has more. >> reporter: california edged
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as the first state to approve a $15 an hour minimum wage. california's plan will be implemented statewide by 2022. new york city takes effect in two years. in other parts of the state it could take up to six. 60-year-old rebecca cornick worked at wendy's for a decade. >> minimum wage before, pays two thirds of my rent. now with the raise, i am a little closer to -- paying my rent on time. >> what do we want? >> the movement began in 2012 with protests by fast food workers. but now it's small business owners like gas station owner george dunbrook in upstate new york who are doing the protesting. >> ended up having to mod nigh my business. close my garage business down. >>-up -- you got everything.
3:48 am
surviving on a thin margin. >> according to the economic policy institute. 35 million americans or more than a quarter of the work force earn less than $10.55 an hour. >> economist, max wolf. >> everybody will have potentially higher wage burden to pay. the truth is we haven't done it in a long time. we let our minimum wage fall behind our cost of living. so sort of overdue. >> legislators are hedging their bets though in new york the budget allows for adjustments to the wage. depending on how the economy is doing. economists say one in send tich for states is the higher the wages the more people come off public assistance. for cbs this morning saturday, don dahler, new york. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis!
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four little eagles in our nation's capital gained attention. cameras in the nest caught them hatching. millions are following the baby birds on line. chip reid has more. >> reporter: this is challenger, a magnificent creature. this is the american eagle foundation representative, and they are working very hard to raise awareness about bald eagles, full grown ones like challenger, and babies. newborns. >> reporter: this live-cam at
3:52 am
d.c. for a breathtaking close-up view as the the first lady and mr. president watched over their eggs. and as the eagles experienced first moments of life outside the shell. there has been sibling rivalry and brotherly love. their huddled as their nest swayed in the wind. >> what's fascinating they get to see really the life story of an eagle family unfold before them. pretty amazing. >> dr. richard olsen is director of the national arboretum where bird watchers arrived from across the country. >> yes. >> is this a picture of the nest? >> part of his job is to satisfy the endless curiosity of kids. >> hard to see right now. can you find the nest? >> up in the tree. >> across town at d.c.'s police academy, another nest is brimming with new life. parents liberty and justice with their two little ones also captured with an eagle cam. here it is not kids who can't seem to keep their eyes off the show. there are now just over 1,500 nests in the chesapeake bay
3:53 am
three in d.c. but for half a century, the nation's capital was uninhabitable for the national symbol. that changed in the 1990s when a group of kids with earth conservation corps helped clean up the anacostia river and brought them back by shipping 16 eagles here from wisconsin. now two decades later he keeps watch and introduces new bird watchers to the club. including sergeant patrick loftus. >> the eagle cam. can't help but smile. they're cute. >> we're people and police officers. we appreciate fuzzy things just as much as the next person. eagles have captivated america from commercials. to viral videos like this one. donald trump getting his feathers ruffled. which got almost 3 million views. but that's nothing compared to this eagle. whose broad stripes and bright stars challenger for years has been an
3:54 am
the star attraction soaring over crowds at major sporting events including nfl and major league baseball games. on friday he will perform at constitution hall in washington. we caught up with challenger and trainer al ciceri as they practiced for the big moment. >> they're a symbol of power. they stand for everything we stand for as americans, freedom, independence, democracy and our spirit. >> reporter: how big is he, wing span of the bird? >> he has about a 6-foot wing span. >> reporter: he is ready to fly? >> he is ready to fly. >> reporter: we saw the power and majesty up close. challenger knows exactly where he is going now? >> exactly. he sees the flag back there. eyes are fixed on to it. here he goes.
3:55 am
with challenger for 27 years. what is most special about him? >> the first eagle in u.s. history trained to free fly in stadiums during the star spangled banner. he became a human imprint accidentally. able to use him as an ambassador. >> he thinks he is a human. >> he thinks he is a human. right. >> wonderful. if you want to help name the nestlings in the arboretum
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the "c guns n' roses is back. axel rose and slash will head back on tour this summer. the band made a surprise appearance at troubadour nightclub in los angeles friday. carter evans has more on this. i'm super excited. >> when word broke friday
3:58 am
kick off its reunion tour with an intimate show in los angeles, hundreds of fans lined up to get a ticket. >> the best day of my life. the coolest show ever. the best band ever. >> more important to me than the birth of my child. >> the show marks the first time feuding band mates, axel rose and saul hudson, known as slash performed together since july of 1993. >> welcome to the jungle. we got fun and games we got everything you want >> the world certainly knew their names when guns n' roses shot on to the l.a. rock scene in the '80s. their 1987 debut album, appetite for destruction challenged the synthetic pop sounds and heavy metal hair bands of the decades. sweet child of mine >> the group's rapid success led
3:59 am
and rose. and in 1996, the guitarist quit the band. the two men continued performing with other musicians and didn't talk for years. >> the conflict between axel rose and slash was kind of your classic who is leading this band. slash and axel had been pretty vocal about their disinterest in working with each other again. they both said, never, not in this lifetime. last year on cbs this morning, slash hinted that a reconciliation was possible. >> lot of the tension that you were talking about dissipated. we don't have all right issues any more. >> would you want a reunion? >> if everybody wanted to do it for the right reasons. i think the fans would love it. thing it might be fun at some point to try to do that. >> reporter: friday they did that in front of 500 fans at the troubadour. the historic moment captured on
4:00 am
the band also announced a 20 city tour this summer where it is estimated they will make upwards of $3 million per night. carter evans, los angeles. >> that's the "cbs overnight captioning funded by cbs it's monday, april 4th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." deadly derailment. two people are dead and many passengers hurt after an amtrak train collided with a backhoe


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